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Article Bags

Custom Designed Article bags

10" or 12" long and 7" diameter
12", 14" or 16" long and 9" diameter
14" or 16" long and 11" diameter
Obedience Design/appliqué dog
Appliqué Dog both ends
Embroidered Dog one side with Obedience logo:  $40.00
Embroidered Dogs on both sides: $48.00

Added features:
Glove Strap $2.00
Dumbbell strap $2.00
Name and # stitched on inside $2.50
Available in the following colors:
Black, Smoke Blue, Lt. Green, Camel, Forest Green, Royal and Red.  With the Black you have your Choice of burgundy, Royal, Black, Purple, or Red ends and side pocket. Please state your choice of Black or white handles.
Most Standing Dogs available with appliqué

Add $5.00 for dogs call name on

Obedience design both ends
You may add the glove strap or dumbbell strap
$2.00 each and have your name and # stitched for $2.50 colors and sizes the same as the custom bags.

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To contact us:

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