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Article bags  and articles


Articles Price List
Set of articles consist of Six Metal and Six Leather #1-6  $110.00
Additional articles #0-8 (each)  $15.00
Matching Wood Set #1-6  $60.00
Custom Size (set) Bar is custom only $15.00
Toy: ends-1 3/4" Bars-2 1/2" long/ 3/8" diameter
Medium: ends- 2 1/2" Bars 3 1/2"/5/8" diameter
Large: ends-3" Bars 4" long/ 3/4" diameter
Custom Size Bar at additional cost (see above)
Buckskin, Lt. Brown, Dk. Brown, Cord, Mahogany, Chocolate, Purple, Royal, Blue, Black, Gray, Red, Turquoise, Green, Yellow, Orange
You may chose two colors one for the bell end, edge, and the bar may be striped with both colors.

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